Air Conditioning Systems Warrantees – What To Look Out For

In the past several months, air conditioning manufacturers have been updating their factory warranty policies.  We feel that you should know about those changes.

A/C Warranty Transferability
We stumbled upon the fact that some air conditioning firms are saying that their units carry 10 year parts warranty, and if a home is sold, that warranty might drop to 5 years of coverage if the home is sold.  Some don’t offer a transferrable warranty at all, while companies like Trane offer a warranty that is transferable to a new home owner for a fee of $99.

Online Sales of Air Conditioners

More and more people are shopping online, so it might not surprise some to find home owners shopping for an air conditioning systems online to find a product at a lower price.  What these offers almost never discuss is that most building code requires the seller to be a licensed air conditioning contractor and that party install the air conditioning system.

There are many reasons for this, but the biggest is that air conditioners have to be charged with a liquid refrigerant that is a controlled agent that is an EPA controlled agent.  That agent requires the contractor to be licensed to handle these controlled agents.

This new phenomena is causing hardships for A/C manufacturers in the form of customers of their product being sold a product that is not installed properly and leaving the manufacture liable.  To cope with this, manufacturers are are clamping down on online sales.

Internet Sales of Air Conditioning Systems May Void Your Warranty

To deal with this increasing problem, manufacturers are taking steps to protect their product, their reputation, and their own liability.  While online sales of air conditioning systems might seem attractive, what consumers aren’t told is that their systems automatically have their warranties voided if their system was purchased over the internet  (see example on online sales policies).


Portion of Online Sales Policy

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