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Several months ago, Florida Power & Light gutted their popular energy rebate program where home owners could upgrade older air conditioning systems to more energy efficient air conditioning system.  A more efficient air conditioning system meant a significantly lower utility bill and a more comfortable home.

The good news was that these energy rebate programs worked really well for home owners, but the bad news was stockholders of FPL didn’t care to spend money to reduce energy demand.  Guess what has happened to their energy rebate program?  For the past 2 years, it has been getting slashed each year.  In November, 1900 air conditioning dealers were sent letters telling them the the offer was no longer void.  To home owner and FP&L customers, this really said a lot about what FP&L things about energy conservation.      

Berkun Air to  honor expired FP&L Energy Rebate

Berkun Air wants to make it easy for home owners to replace their aging air conditioning system with an energy efficient A/C systems, while at the same time, getting a cost break before the summer starts heating up.  

Berkun Air will continue to honor FP&L’s Energy Rebate Program for a limited time.  Once its starts heating up in Palm Beach County, the demand will increase and this offer will go away.  It’s a deal that is hard to beat.

If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old – it’s time to consider a new unit.  Each year that passes, the SEER energy rating decreases, and cost you more each month to run.  With a new energy efficient air conditioning system, the new system will literally pay for itself in utility savings.    

Effective immediately, Berkun Air will continue to honor FP&L’s Energy Rebates that are no longer available.  These rebates can be as high as $1,930 in rebates paid directly by Berkun Air.   As an added incentive, Berkun Air will continue to honor Trane’s 2015 Fall Promotional Rebates that expired on November 15, 2015.  An example of a common rebate is $1,000 off for a trade-in allowance for a Trane XV20i SEER 20 Air Conditioning System.  

Below is a summary of what you might expect to save, which varies based on what you currently are using, and the new unit that is being purchased.  Any way you look at this, you will save.  These are rebates from FPL that we use to be able to offer, but have since been discontinued.


To help you understand the potential savings you might expect, compare your annual cooling costs using this chart below.  The savings in energy costs will pay for the unit.


To view annual costs and potentials savings from earlier posts, click here.

Call Berkun Air at (561) 842-4362.  This offer won’t last long.

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