Berkun Air – Member of Palm Beach County’s MVP Program

Berkun Air Receives MVP Award by Palm Beach County Officials

Berkun Air - Palm Beach County MVP Program Member

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What company doesn’t say they offer outstanding quality and back their work with great customer service?   Everyone says it, but it’s quite another to keep one’s word now isn’t it?   

Well, not to long ago, Berkun Air, a growing air conditioning firm founded in 1992 and located in West Palm Beach, Florida, was singled out by the Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs Devision and invited to become a Member of the County’s MVP Program for deliveringOutstanding Customer Service“.

“This came as a complete surprise to us”, noted Jeff Berkun, owner of Berkun Air.
“We didn’t ask for this, or sign up for it hoping be selected, but instead, we were told by county officials that we had a long history of never having a single customer complaint filed against us with the country’s Consumer Affairs Division.  That might not sound like much to most people, but they also told us that only one other Air Conditioning firm has been awarded the same MVP Program honor.”

“Saying we believe in outstanding customer service and delivering on it are two completely different things,” said Berkun.  “I’m really proud of my entire team for helping me achieve this goal of ours because this is how we are going to grow our business.  More than 90% of our business is based on word of mouth customer referrals.”

Many firms have to resort to aggressive advertising campaigns.  Some offer Air Conditioning tune ups that are too good to be true, while others generate their long term business by using deceptive “Home Maintanence Agreements (HMA)” that promise to keep everything running smooth at a low annual cost, but what these HMA’s really are in a lead when the air condition stops working.  “In our experience”, said Jeff Berkun, the details are in the fine print, and in almost every case, parts are said to be out of production or will take weeks to get.  These HMA’s are a guaranteed lead and there is always an excuse why they won’t honor the agreement.  We think that these dubious agreements are nothing but a scam and won’t be a part of it – now – or any time in the future.  We feel that keeping our word and conducting business in a fair manner is the ONLY way we will ever do business – and it’s working.


About Berkun Air Expert

Berkun Air serves Palm Beach Country (Florida), including Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Highland Beach, Boca Raton, Gulf Stream, Ocean Ridge, Hypoluxo Island, Manalapan, South Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth and Wellington.
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