Berkun Air Saves Man From Getting Ripped Off By 2 AC Firms

I want to share a feel good story that we were a part of recently that saved this family thousands of dollars.  A few weeks ago, we got a call from a gentleman that had purchased a Trane air conditioner roughly 9 years ago that wasn’t working so well.  We came about this family from a complaint filed with Trane representatives, and they in turn, referred them to us.  All we initially knew was this was a potential lead for service, but once I got to the home, we were told a story of how they felt duped by two other air conditioning firms.

They stated that they had a Trane air conditioner installed by this one firm roughly nine years ago and recently, it wasn’t cooling the home.  They then told us that they called the firm that installed the air conditioning system.  When they inspected the system, they said that the condenser coil and developed a leak and that the unit was shot.  They also stated that the coil unit was not covered beyond 5 years, but they had a new air conditioning system that they could offer to them at a very good price.   This is what we call bait and switch.  People panic when air conditioning steams go out and many air conditioning firms use this to their advantage.

Immediately they didn’t trust what was being told to them and called a very large and recognizable air conditioning installer in Palm Beach County.  They too told them that the units cooling coils was bad and not covered for 10 years and offered them a similar solution.  Yet again, they were asked to leave and took their problem up to Trane representatives.  After making several calls, Trane contacted Berkun Air and asked us for advise on this unit considering the system was not in their records from either the installer and / or the owner.

We got the request and make contact with the owner to schedule a visit later in the day.  Like the others, we confirmed that the condenser coil was bad, recorded the units serial numbers and confirmed that the unit was not in the database with Trane, but did get a manufacture date.  From this, we felt that there was enough to get the unit covered under a warranty replacement of the coil and went ahead of just replacing it.  We told them that we would deal with Trane and make it right – even though we were technically walking a fine line on if we would get reimbursed with our costs.

The custom was ecstatic that they had a working system and that it was covered under the original warranty.  They knew we were looking out for them and were just happy to have found us.  They also promised that they would pay it forward and share their story with others.  To us, we know that word of mouth referrals is our best form of advertising and its worth taking risks to earn the trust of our customers.

We feel that these stories are not told enough and people enjoy a happy ending.  We feel that in the end, we will see this come back to us in future business referrals.


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Jeff Berkun - Owner of Berkun Air, West Palm BeachFounded in 1982, Jeff Berkun has run his business based on providing customers with outstanding service and expert advise.  What we won’t do is mislead customers with misleading ads that sound too good to be true.  We won’t offer you home maintenance programs that are just as misleading.  We would rather treat our customers with respect looking at the longer term picture.  We do this by educating them a bit on all things air conditioning and what to look for.  If you have a question, or need help,   give us a jingle.  We promise you’ll be impressed.  Call Berkun Air at (561) 842-4362.  

Berkun Air is one of the few air conditioning companies to be awarded an A+ Rating from the Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs Division.

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