Hack Jobs We’ve Seen in Palm Beach County in the Air Conditioning Business

Out of Sight – Out of Mind !!

Poor WorkmanshipBeing in the air conditioning business here in Palm Beach County, we at Berkun Air see more than we want to at times.

Just because the home owner can’t see it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t go unnoticed to others.  But by that time, the original guy is gone.  You’d simply be surprised at what we see.

All too often, some dubious contractors will farm out labor to others who are not skilled in what they are being asked to do.  And at times, having a license simply means that the primary contractors license is used while the sub contractor do the best he can, which is illegal and shoddy.

It truly shocks us what we see when we are up in people attics installing a new air conditioning system.  While the labor cost for these contractors may be lower, the workmanship speaks for itself – at your cost.

Hire a professional next time.

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