Why Consider a VRF Air Conditioning System for a New Home

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) or VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) Air Conditioning Systems have been around for over 30 years, but only in the last 5 years, have they seen double digit growth for new homes and major remodeling construction in the United States.  These systems are much more efficient compared to traditional HVAC systems.

Example of a VRF Air Condition System - Berkun Air

A Modern VRF Air Conditioning System reduces ductwork, while providing the flexibility of room by room temperature control.

Reasons to consider a VRF HVAC System:

  1. WELL SUITED FOR NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION or MAJOR REMODELING PRODUCTS:  A VRF System offers many benefits and cost savings for a new home.  They use less space, are more efficient, offers individual room climate control and are much quieter.
  2. HEAT and COOLING SIMULTANEOUSLY:  VRF or VRV systems can remove heat and move that heat to another room if needed, thus saving energy and lowering your ongoing cost.  They can capture heat from an one room and use it to heat another room.
  3. 30% GREAT ENERGY EFFICIENCY:  While there may be a greater up front cost, the savings in energy cost quickly offset this up front cost and actually save more money over the long haul.  They literally can pay for themselves in savings over the life of the unit.
  4. QUIETER OPERATION:  A VRF System runs quieter because the fan and compressor in the outdoor unit are completely variable and run at much slower speeds.   And because each room has its own mini air cabinet, there is much shorter air duct runs – if any at all, making them quieter where it counts – in the living space.
  5. MAXIMUM COMFORT: Each room is controlled independent of other rooms.
  6. GREATER RELIABILITY:  Since each room runs independent of others and the system only controls the cooling or heating on a room by room basis, the entire system generally runs at much slower pace thus reducing the work load to cool a home.  Even the compressor runs at a variable rate so that if only one room is requesting refrigerant, the compressor only attempt to meet the needs of that one room and not the entire system.


Traditional whole home air conditioning systems tend to offer a single or dual speed compressor on the outside of the home, feeding refrigerant to a centralized air handler inside the home that then feeds conditioned air to individual rooms via long runs of air ducts, most often in a hot roof attic.  A VRF system on the other hand, has a modular outdoor unit that has a variable speed compressor and fan that can vary the amount and flow of refrigerant directly to air units in each room via insulated copper tubing.  Each unit is individually controlled with its own thermostatic control unit to allow each room to be controlled separate from the others.  Refrigerant is pumped directly to each room vs a centralized air handler making the system much more efficient.

Factors to consider when using a VRF Air Conditioning System

These system do require the air conditioner contractor to be trained and certified for designing an VRF system, installing the system and even starting up this system.  If a contractor is not certified in each of these areas, they can’t even buy the system and the owner may likely be without a valid warranty.

Berkun Air has over 10 years experience engineering it’s own VRF designs and installing these systems.  We have a proven track record working with Palm Beach’s finest architects.   Whether you are a home owner or an architect, if you have questions about VRF or VRV systems, please don’t hesitate in calling an expert with a decade of experience working with system from Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Samsung or LG, give Berkun Air of West Palm Beach a call at (561) 842-842-4362.  

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Jeff Berkun - Owner of Berkun Air, West Palm BeachFounded in 1982, Jeff Berkun has run his business based on providing customers with outstanding service and expert advise.  What we won’t do is mislead customers with misleading ads that sound too good to be true.  We won’t offer you home maintenance programs that are just as misleading.  We would rather treat our customers with respect looking at the longer term picture.  We do this by educating them a bit on all things air conditioning and what to look for.  If you have a question, or need help,   give us a jingle.  We promise you’ll be impressed.  Call Berkun Air at (561) 842-4362.  

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