20th Anniversary Special

Last Years Lower Prices + Rebates

It's official.  Berkun Air has been serving Palm Beach County for 20 years and we got here the old fashion way - doing the right thing - a decent price, hard work and doing the right thing.  It's always brought in new customers from good referrals.  What we don't do - is use shady practices.  Just look at our reviews.  Few others have the reviews we do.  

To say thank you, we have an offer that is pretty darn hard to beat.  Read on ....  

Trane, and most all over air conditioner manufacturers increased their prices on January 1, 2020  - by 6-10% - across the board !!.  Additionally, Manufacturer Fall / Winter Rebates are done.  We like to keep our crews busy - and to do that - we are prepared to honor last years prices - and honor Trane's rebates.   We mean business.  Give us a call - and know that the person on the phone - isn't on a commission.  We know that a pain that is.  What do you have to loose?  

Free Estimate for Special

Call us to schedule a free estimate.  We  promise that we will not pressure you to buy.  That's not our style.