Is Your Air Conditioner Rusting? Reduce Air Conditioning Corrosion in Palm Beach


Is Your Air Conditioner Rusting? Reduce Air Conditioner Corrosion at Homes Near the Beach

  • Have you ever seen homes on the ocean showing the affects of salt ladened air on metal products that sit outside? Often, where there is metal near the ocean, there is rust and corrosion. Well, air conditioners, as corrosion resistant as they are, are still prone to the affects of corrosion.  Maybe not just rust – but corrosion nonetheless.  The salt in the air causes this.  Anything that you can do to slow the affects of corrosion is worth considering, as it will prolong the life of an air conditioner.

    For ages, boat owners have had to deal with a similarly corrosive environment with their boats sitting day and night in the salt waters of the ocean. To help reduce the effects of salt on any and all metal components exposed below the water line, boat owners have relied on sacrificial anodes, to protect those metal components from rotting away. Most metal objects on a boat are expensive to replace, so anything that a boat owner can do to minimize this corrosion is well worth doing.


Sacrifical Adoides or Zinc

Commonly known as “zincs”, these soft metal blocks are placed on the bottom of the vessel near areas that need protection. They are designed to corrode and slowly rot away before more expensive metal objects, thus the term “sacrificial”.  These soft zinc blocks are specially designed to react with the salt water and corrode at a much faster rate than the harder metals. It isn’t until the zinc has completely corroded away, that the harder metals begin to corrode. Now you can begin to understand why they are called “Sacrificial Anodes or Zincs”. These devices can reduce AC corrosion. 

Have you ever wondered how a homeowner can reduce air conditioning corrosion in Palm Beach?  Air conditioning compressor units located outside in coastal regions experience the same corrosive process as boats moored at a dock or mooring So what can a homeowner do to help protect their air conditioner’s expensive copper lines and aluminum components?

If you have a problem at your home with AC corrosion in Palm Beach, give Berkun Air a call on what will best help to deal with your problem.


RGF Fin Savers™

  • RGF has designed a product called Fin Saver that has been specially formulated to protect your air condition from the corrosive effects of living next to the ocean.

    Using the same sacrificial principal noted above, the Fin Saver system is attached the air conditioner’s copper tubing and structure to reduce the amount of corrosion and have proven to be 50% more effective than high grade marine sacrificial zincs.


These Fin Savers (™) are:

  • Easily installed on either the systems tubing and/or a flat surface,   
  • Out of sight and prolong the life of the system metal surfaces,   
  • And an economical way to keep the system running strong while minimizing corrosion.


Berkun Air Can Help

  • If you have a problem at your home with your air conditioner corroding here in Palm Beach County, give Berkun Air a call on what will best help to deal with your problem.