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Top Palm Beach General Contractors Rely on Berkun Air

  • Berkun Air has been working with the leading Palm Beach general contractors for decades. They have many choices and the jobs they do are some of the most demanding for both new home and renovation projects in the nation, if not the world.

    Any great general contractor (GC) in Palm Beach who specializes in very high end custom homes, knows the value of working with only the best subcontractors in the business. These GCs are responsible for building teams of experts with a proven track record. It’s the GC’s hide that is on the line, each and every project. When there is a delay, a cost overrun, or work isn’t up to par, it has to be ripped out and redone -and this drives costs and deliverables through the roof. It is the GC that takes the pressure when things go wrong. On the flip side, when everyone does their part as expected, they take the glory – and that’s OK. This is why Berkun Air is always called to bid on major Palm Beach projects. 


These homeowners spend millions on their dream home or vacation home. They want and expect the best, with no surprises along the way. And when it comes to air conditioning systems, they want the best in ultimate home comfort. Every room has its own climate zone. They want to feel the comfort that the system delivers – without seeing it or hearing it. These systems are not your typical air condition systems. Far from it in fact. Many demand the latest systems in comfort and efficiency. Often, these bigger homes have large scale systems called Variable Rate Flow (VRF) Experts Systems. These systems are as the name implies, variable. They produce cold and hot energy on demand, at a variable rate. If only one room needs cooling, the system runs at a very low rate, delivering only the amount of cold or warm energy needed to do the job, for that given space. 


These system require a higher caliber of talent to install and balance the system. This is where Berkun Air shines.

Another reasons that Berkun Air is sought after, is their design and installation capabilities of complex jobs. Take this home’s Attic Mechanical Room (below). In this homes attic, there are 8 separate air handlers – all suspended from the roof joists on a dedicated suspension system. This suspension system isolates motor vibrations from transferring to the homes structure, thus minimizing noise to the rooms below. This design prolongs the life of the internal systems, while allowing the entire home to run more efficiently, and run whisper quiet. Just look at the installation. Its actually something that the home owner is proud of.


Satisfying Building Superintendents and Builders

The homeowner’s dedicated engineer came down from New York, with the intent of inspecting the job, but specially, to check out the “Attic Mechanical Room”. He not only was pleased, but was surprised how neat the entire job was. He actually seemed pleased with our work and raved about it to the owner.

Projects of this scope always get a lot of attention from Palm Beach’s Building Department. General Contractors know that we have a great reputation with the inspectors – on a first name basis. They know our skill level, and come in knowing we have high standards ourselves. The relationship insures that jobs run smoother.  

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Berkun Air - A Certified LEED Green Expert

  • In 2013, Berkun Air became a LEED Green Associate and was part of the design and build team that built the first LEED Platinum home in Palm Beach, Florida.

Berkun - A LEED Air Conditioning Consultant

  • in 2013, Berkun Air was part of the design and build team for Palm Beach's first every LEED Platinum home.  Berkun's suggestions to the architect and engineer helped to gain enough points to earn this home LEED's highest honors.  Find out how Berkun can help your home become more efficient and sustainable.