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Are your Allergies Caused by Dust Mites?  Berkun Air of West Palm Beach Can Help

Are your Allergies Caused by Dust Mites?

  • You live in Palm Beach. Your child, mother or father, husband or wife seem to be sneezing more often than you feel is normal.  What do you do? Could it be that you are living with several hundred of thousand barely visible dust mites?

    Dust mites are tiny, common insects that eat dead skin flakes. Yikes…. It’s pretty creepy actually to think that you might have these little critters crawling on you and you wouldn’t know it. These tiny insects enjoy living with humans, who shed up to 700,000 skin flakes a day. They don’t harm humans in that they do not bite their human smorgasbords, but they do and can cause allergies to you and your family members. Because humans shed dead skin flakes, they tend to live in high concentrations amongst humans. One square yard of carpet in fact, can contain 100,000 of these tiny, microscopic creatures. So how do they cause an allergic reaction? Each of these creatures can product about 20 drops of feces each day, which is typically the source of the allergies.

Dust Mite Allergic Symptoms

  • Researchers have found a strong link between dust mites and allergies. If an elderly person has shown to be allergic to dust mites, there is a very strong likeliness of the children to also be allergic to dust mites. For children with asthma, the allergic symptoms can even be greater. Your doctor can perform a skin or blood test to confirm an that you may be allergic to dust mites.


Steps to Reduce Dust Mites Exposure

  • There are a number of steps that one can do to reduce the exposure to dust mites. First, keep your home as clean as possible. Wash your bedding in hot water can help reduce allergens and make sure you have your carpets cleaned by a reputable carpet cleaning company. Make sure that they specialize in allergen removal, with a focus on dust mites. Children’s small toys can be places in a freezer for 24 hours and later washed in hot water. Several mattress and pillow products exist on the market that are designed to block dust mites.

Shown is aa flexible air duct that is coated with layers of dust

Air Ducts A Safe-haven for Dust Mites and their Feces

  • Cleaning your bedding and carpet is the most obvious and common remedy for reducing dust mites, but most overlook the obvious – the air ducts that circulates massive amounts of air throughout a home each and every day. When was the last time you cleaned your air ducts, and more importantly, when was the last time they were treated for dust mites. Never we bet ! Rarely do home owners even think about this simply because the air duct is out of sight and out of mind.

Berkun Uses Hospital Grade Air Duct Cleaning Equippment

Berkun Air Uses Hospital Grade Air Duct Equipment that is HEPA Certified

  • Give customers a reason to do business with you.Not only is Berkun Air one of the highest rated Trane certified dealers, but we have over $20,000 worth of air duct cleaning equipment. We do not use the type of equipment that is routinely used by your typical in-and-out duct cleaning service company, but rather, we use the equipment used to clean air ducts in hospitals and nursing homes. This is a totally different grade of equipment. Berkun Air uses the Rolls-Royce of air duct cleaning equipment made by Abatement Technologies. The HEPA Air Duct Cleaning Unit is shown below.

Abatement Technology Air Duct Cleaning in Palm Beach County by Berkun Air

Abatement Technology Air Duct Cleaning Unit

  • By using the Abatement Technology Air Duct Cleaning Unit, along with rotating brush equipment and various high pressure actuated air whips, your air ducts scrubbed of contaminants. Additionally, we follow up by using equipment specifically designed to disinfect the interior of those air ducts. In future articles, we will discuss our cleaning technique to help educate our customers on what our equipment does and how it works.

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REME HALO Kills 99+% of Germs and Odors.

  • We don’t stop there. Because we are specialized in not only cleaning air duct systems, we design the most efficient air conditioning systems in the industry. We can advise you on how to keep the air in your home clean and eliminate sick building syndrome risks.  To start, we can install a more efficient air cleaning system such as the Trane Clean Effects Air Filtration System. These systems go well beyond factory air filters to capture and collect airborne contaminates. Moving up the scale, a Guardian Air Purification System is designed to reduce odors, air pollutants, VOCs (chemical orders, smoke, mold bacteria and viruses.  This system destroys living airborne contaminates and ionizing oxygen and hydrogen molecules. , which uses a photohydroionization (PHI).  

    REME HALO Air reduces gasses and odors by 85%, mold by 97%, Bacteria by 99%, and viruses by 99.99%.


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