Berkun Air offers Corrosion Resistance Air Conditioning Solutions

If your home is located on the ocean, corrosion is a big problem for air conditioning systems. In fact, many people don’t realize that most air conditioning system companies do not warranty their products against corrosion caused by salt effects near the ocean.

The affects of salt laden air from the ocean often attacks the cooling fins on air condition systems on the outdoor unit. This corrosive effect will dramatically reduce the efficiency of the cooling fins ability to remove heat and and shorten the lifespan of the product. LG Corrosion resistance product is designed for installations in coastal environment.

If you have a home on the ocean in Palm Beach County, give Berkun Air a call for advise on what LG VRF Air Conditioning System with Corrosion Resistance is best suited for your home. Berkun Air is one of the leading air conditioning installers in Palm Beach and other coastal communities in Palm Beach County.

Corrosion Resistance VRF Systems from LG

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