Berkun Air Customer Reviews

Our Long Term Goal is to Win Customers Through Referrals


Since the very beginning, Berkun Air has had a mission to win future customers through referrals from past customers. Berkun Air has earned 5 Star customer reviews in Palm Beach County.  Outstanding customer reviews is everything to Berkun Air.   At times, it can be more expensive up front, but we'd rather do that than spend a lot of money on advertising.  It's been working for us and we feel better creating happy customers vs angry ones.   Each Customer Review in Palm Beach County is meaningful to Berkun Air.  

Below, we're proud that we can share just a few of the many Letters of Appreciation.     

Click the link below for suggestions on helping you find the right Air Conditioning company and what pitfalls to avoid. 

5 Tips On Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Company


Do you homework

Your air conditioner is making strange noises. It still works, but you keep putting off fixing it because you don’t know of a good air conditioning company you can trust. If you call that unknown company, will the problem be small, but tell you that it needs to be replaced outright, like many do? This is the dilemma that many face with what could be a potentially expensive proposition.


Here are a Few Tips in Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Service Company:

Get Recommendations. Make sure you do your own background check too. The best, and easy method of finding a reliable air conditioning business is to talk to friends and neighbors. But don’t be lazy. Check their customer satisfaction. Its easy with today’s internet. We’ll talk more about how below.


Don’t be fooled by low cost routine maintenance offers on their site that seem to good to be true.

Any air conditioning firm that is offering a $19 – $29 Maintanence Offer should send up warning flags. These offers are meant to find problems – even when they don’t exists. Why do we say this? Because you can’t remain in business, pay for your building, vehicles, taxes, labor costs, insurance cost and charge $19 – $29 for a service. It cost close to $75 just to send a vehicles. Additionally, most of these companies that do offer service charges that are too low to believe, have technicians that are paid commissions. If they don’t sell, they don’t earn any money. Enough said. Got the picture.


Look up what customers say after doing business with various air conditioning companies.

Before you even call a single telephone number, do some research on each company you might be considering. It’s easier than you think, and what is said about a company might shock you. According to industry experts, it takes 10 positive customers to equal one bad negative review. Why you might ask? Because satisfied customers rarely go out and write a positive review. Only 1 in 10 do. However, if a customer is stung in a bad business transaction, a very high percentage will seek consumer review sites to write up their nasty experience. Its their way of getting back if they don’t get satisfaction.


Sometimes the biggest A/C firms are not the best.

If you got one thing from this article, it is, read what customers are saying about a given company, may explain why they got so big.


Customer review sites – Where do you find them?

Before the internet became popular, people turned to the Better Business Bureau or BBB. Today, there is a lot more competition, and many, like the 20/20 Investigavtive team, have found that there is too close of a bond between companies who pay to be BBB members, and those companies who choose not to be paid members. 


Searching for Customer Complaints for an Air Conditioning Company

Don’t give up so quickly.  All you need to do is open up your web browser and search for the name of the company. Almost always, if there are a number of bad complaints, they’ll show up right at the top. If you want to narrow the search, search for “Company_Name Complaints” or “Company_Name Reviews”.


Search Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs for Consumer Complaints

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.One place you might search in Palm Beach County is their Consumer Affairs Division.  Here is the link where you search by company name, to see if they have any outstanding consumer complaints.


Additionally, one of the largest sites for consumers to vent their frustrations, is called Its actually pretty amazing how Palm Beach County’s largest air conditioning companies have a shocking number of consumer complaints.

Other sources include, and lately, Google + has added company reviews when you search for the company by name, either on Google Maps, or with a Google Search.


Things to Know About "Whole House Maintanence Service Plans"

Whatever you do, don’t buy a “Whole House Maintenance Service Plan”. These plans, almost always, center around requiring maintenance be required for the air conditioner.  These plans have far too many legal loopholes that keep them from having to do any expensive maintenance. If an expensive part is required, more times than not, they will say it will take 6 weeks to get the part, which means that you won’t have air conditioning for those 6 weeks, and who is going to do that. If you do have such a contract, and your air conditioner fails and they tell you that it’s going to take 6 weeks to get a part, and offer you another option to replace the unit, call another air conditioning company to confirm that the part isn’t available. Frankly, we see a lot of this, and we usually can find these parts in 1 day.  Get a second opinion before allowing a firm replace an expensive system in your home that they say is not covered because the parts will take too long to get.  

Don't Be Duped

The bottom line is to not be duped by shady business practices of people who seem nice, but are actually trying to deceive you and are paid on commission to sell you things you don’t need. We think that these practices occur more often than you can imagine, and want to

educate you in ways to protect yourself when it comes to servicing your air servicing your air conditioner.