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Berkun Air Conditioning

Cooling Palm Beach County homes and businesses since 1999.    

Berkun Air Conditioning Services

Since 1990, Berkun Air has specialized in Air Conditioning services for Palm Beach County

Air Conditioning Installation

  • Since 1990, Berkun Air Conditioning has specialized in both residential and commercial air conditioning and heating.  Our expertise lies in large custom homes that are much more complete in nature. We have long been a preferred contractor to some of Palm Beach's nicest homes.  We specialize in VFR (Variable Flow Refrigerant) systems. 

Berkun Air - Palm Beach County LEED Associate Designers and Builders

Energy Efficient A/C Systems

  • Berkun Air is proud to be a LEED Green Associate and was a member of the design team for the first LEED Platinum Certified home in Palm Beach, Florida.  Our design suggestions to the architect helped this property earn this property LEED's highest and most prestigious honor, making it one of the most energy efficient and sustainable homes in the state of Florida.    

    If you’re a developer, a LEED architect or LEED Builder, a Green Rater, Green Advisor or other, and need help designing leading edge air conditioning systems, air filtration systems and / or Energy Recovery Ventilation systems, or Variable Flow System, give Berkun Air a call. 


Berkun Air of West Palm Beach specializes in VRF & VRV Air Conditioning Systems

Specializing in VRF & VRV Air Conditioning Systems

  • Berkun Air has over 10 years experience engineering its own VRF designs and installing these systems.  We have a proven track record working with Palm Beach’s finest architects and builders.  We are certified to do our own engineering and design.

    Whether you are a home owner, a builder, or an architect, if you have questions about VRF or VRV systems, please don’t hesitate in calling an expert with a decade of experience working with system from Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Samsung or LG.  

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Builders / Architects Count on Berkun Air

Palm Beach Builders Count on Berkun Air of West Palm Beach

  • For almost 30 years, builders of some of some of the finest homes in the nation have called upon Berkun Air to provide design and insulation of some of the most advanced air conditioning and ventilation systems in the world.  We're talking Palm Beach's finest homes.  Berkun has built a reputation as a contractor that can be counted on, not just to deliver on time, but to design and build systems that satisfy the strictest building code inspectors.  If you're a builder or architect, give us a try.  We won't let you down.


VRF and VRV Design Engineering for Palm Beach County

Palm Beach Builders wanting VRF and VRV A/C Systems count on Berkun Air of West Palm Beach

  • You live in Palm Beach. Your child, mother or father, husband
  • or wife seem to be sneezing more often than you feel is normal.
  • What do you do? Could it be that you are living with several
  • hundred of thousand barely visible dust mites?

VRF & VRV Systems

A Preferred Air Conditioning Contractor in Palm Beach


  • Berkun Air has been a preferred sub-contractor to some of Palm Beach's most reputable custom home builders for decades.  We know that Palm Beach building inspectors are some of the strictest in the state, and they know our work, and we continually meet builder expectations for demanding clients.  Find out why Berkun Air continues to be a preferred air conditioning and ventilation sub contractor.  

Custom Home Builders

Historic Renovation and Preservation for Palm Beach

Berkun Air does air conditioning for historic restoration of Palm Beach homes

  • Berkun Air has a long record of retrofitting old homes in Palm Beach County with modern air conditioning systems.  Many of these historic homes were winter homes and not built with air conditions systems.  Updating them is not as simple as some might think.  Find out why Berkun Air is a leader in this field.  

Air Conditioning for Historic Properties.

A/C Corrosion Mitigation

A/C Corrosion Mitigation by Berkun Air

  • Most air conditioners are not warranted against the affects of salt air on homes near the ocean.  Berkun Air is certified in air conditioning corrosion resistance.  Ask us how we do it.  It pays to keep rust at bay like this.  

Air conditioner corrosion

Custom New Home Construction

Berkun Air Custom New Home Construction Projects

  • Find out why Palm Beach County's finest home builders turn to Berkun Air for their custom new home construction.  

New Home Construction

Air Conditioning Sales and Installation

Berkun Air - Air Conditioning Sales and Installation for Palm Beach County

  • Since 1990, Berkun Air has become one of Palm Beach County's premier air conditioning firms.  Our focus is to make sure you are a happy customer who will refer us to others.  

    If you have another A/C Firm tell you that you're A/C is broken, get a second option from us.  We'll confirm if you do, or if you're being sold something you don't need.

Emergency Air Conditioning Service for Palm Beach County

Emergency Air Conditioning Service for Palm Beach County

  • Berkun Air has 12 service trucks stocked with all the tools, equipment and most replacement parts, ready to service your A/C system quickly when it needs service—24/7.

Emergency Service 24 / 7

Trane Comfort Specialist

Berkun Air - Palm Beach County's Trane Comfort Specialist

  • Berkun Air is a certified Trane Platinum Level Comfort Specialist.  This is a badge of honor that is more then just being a air conditioning vendor.  Every years, Trane conducts a customer satisfaction survey that has a very high standard.  Only the best are able to make it to this level and only Trane Comfort Specialists can warranty Trane Air Conditioners and perform Trane Warranty work.  

Clean Air Offices for Cigar Smokers


  • Berkun Air has been designing clean air systems for the most demanding clientele in Palm Beach for decades, using state of the art equipment. 
  • We've even designed and installed specialized clean air purification systems for several celebrities who have home offices designed eliminate cigar odor.  We can assure you that if it passes their test, it'll pass yours. 
  • Call us for a consultation on how we can help you.  

clean air systems

Commercial Air Conditioning

Berkun Air - Commercial Air Conidtioning Specialists

  • Berkun Air is trained in the design and installation of commercial air conditioning systems for condo and apartment complexes.    

Air Duct Cleaning

Berkun Air - Air Duct Cleaning for Palm Beach County

  • Clear air starts with having clean duct works.  Berkun Air has the needed equipment required for hospital grade cleaning standards.  

Air duct cleaning


Trane Air Conditioning

Berkun Air is an Authorized Trane Platinum Level Reseller

Carrier Air Conditioning

Berkun Air - a Palm Beach Country authorized Carrier Dealer

Mitsubishi Electric A/C

Berkun Air - a Palm Beach Country authorized Mitsubishi Electric A/C Dealer

LG VRF Heating & Cooling Systems

Berkun Air - a Palm Beach Country authorized LG VRF A/C Reseller

  • VRF and VRV Air Conditioning systems are complex systems that need to be designed as a system.  They need to be designed and this can't be done by the average air conditions contractor without an outside consultant.  Berkun Air has been doing VRF Systems well before the most even knew about them.  

    If you want room by room control while minimizing the number of outside compressors, call Berkun Air.  We're certified for the task of designing and building the most complex VRF Systems.


Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems installed by Berkun Air

  • Thinking about adding on a room to an existing home, but space for running air ducts is limited, or your existing air conditioner is maxed out? Have a back room or office that runs hot during the summer months? There are alternatives to an ugly window hung air conditioner that are very efficient and cost effective.

ductless air conditioners

Air Purifications Systems

Berkun Air - Air Purification Systems for Palm Beach County

  • You live in Palm Beach. Your child, mother or father, husband or wife seem to be sneezing more often than you feel is normal. What do you do?  Could it be that you are living with several hundred of thousand barely visible dust mites?

clean air systems